June 24th, 2004

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So last weekend my tonsils swole all up (ha, swole) and my throat was hurty for a while. Then the hurty stopped but the tonsils were still swole so it felt like I was tightening my throat all the time even when I wasn't.

So I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got myself six antibiotic pills that would cost $12.50 each purchased at full price. But I got samples because I'm broke like that.

Now I'm wondering what would happen if I ate them all at once. Don't worry, I'm not gonna. I mean, I understand the idea of taking one a day. The little germ-killing particles hang out in my bloodstream and whatnot for a temporary period of time before they fade away or my body decides they are toxins and sh!ts them out. Okay, so it's a sustained attack on the germies over a period of days. I get that.

But what about a huge, full-on invasion? Antibiotic blitzkrieg? Would the infection-assassins utterly demolish the throat-dwelling sickness? Would the germ-killas get confused and eat through the walls of my arteries, causing me to bleed out internally and die after turning many strange colors? Would my heart go "OMG WTF" and start pounding uncontrollably? Would my immune system go "oh, fscking hell" and roll over and die? Or would the gangsta germies survive the onslaught and be like "bitch, what! Unnnngghhhh!" and then I would die of tonsil enlargement?

I don't know when my antibiotics got all hard-core ghetto. See, this is what happens when I'm ridiculously sleep-deprived as I am today. I'm going home for a nap.
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