July 20th, 2004


Losing your mind is fun, you should try it some time.

I had another realtor to the house last night. He basically said that we can't get what we need for the house in order to break even in the condition that the house is in. It needs some updating, some remodeling.

I'm broke.

So I've decided not to make the house payment for a month or two and put that money into remodeling the house.

Worst case scenario: They foreclose. Result? No more house, no more problem. I mean, I'm getting a bankruptcy anyway, what the hell.

You know what else is fun? Installing Age of Empires onto my work computer.
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Aside from those of you who also live in Wichita, which of you live in a place where 74 in a 60 would get you a speeding ticket? Which of you do not?
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