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August 24th, 2004

Last night I attacked the ceiling of the basement. I started by drilling a hole in the spot that was dripping. Good thing I placed a big cooler underneath it; water poured out for like ten minutes. Finally I started tearing into the sheet rock ceiling and pulling down nasty slimy soggy chunks of ceiling. Of course, the leak wasn't where the water was dripping out, so I tore away chunks of ceiling all the way over to the wall. After using my heavy-duty gloves to yank out a big chunk of fiberglass insulation, I finally found the general area where it seemed like the leak was originating. This spot is, of course, basically right under where the bathtub and shower is. I turned the water to the house back on and waited. Nothing. Tandra ran a bath and drained it. Nothing. It was at this point that I started speculating that this leak might be a leak in the exterior wall and that all the water was actually rainwater. Fun! So finally I gave up and decided to shower and clean all the nasy sheet rock-powder and gooey slime off myself.

Yeah, this is predictable, right?

After my shower it was all drippy again. Which makes no sense because my shower does not run behind the bathroom wall up to the shower head - it's one of the ones where the hose comes right out of the faucet and the shower head just sits in a little holder thingy that is bolted to the wall. WTF.

Oh yeah, and while I was in the shower, the Hot water knob came off in my hand. (Easy fix)

Oh yeah, and Tandra cut her foot on a piece of trim around the fireplace hearth that was sticking up. (Easy fix)

bemusing: how was there life before coffee....i wonder sometimes
bemusing: i guess there was sunny d
busychild424: what??
busychild424: I mean, Sunny D is pretty good if you're not expecting it to taste like orange juice when you drink it, but it does not compare to coffee
busychild424: I think before coffee there was Mountain Dew
busychild424: and before that there was just crazy pygmies and cannibals who ate the cacao beans right off the tree
busychild424: which is probably why they were short and ate people, now that I think about it
The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website opened today.