September 7th, 2004

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Saw Garden State Friday night.  It wasn't terribly life-changing for me or anything, but I did enjoy it.  I wasn't as 'connected' to the movie as I would have liked to be, but that's not to say I wasn't at all, or that it wasn't good.  I'd like to see it again, but probably not in the theater.

Been waiting a long time for another good PS2 game to come out, and finally today is the day.  I'm picking up Burnout 3 at lunch time.  Very excited.

I finally got a family membership at the Y.  Tandra and Xandria and I went swimming yesterday.  It's pretty cool to be able to go do that any time I want.  I'm going to try to make myself go swim laps and stuff a couple times a week to get my cardiovascular working.  I haven't exercised in, really, like a year.  I hate working out on workout machines, but I like swimming.  Gotta run to Wal-Mart and snag a padlock so I can build myself a gym bag.

My ear is still plugged.  I have a doctor's appointment today.  I assume they are going to vacuum out the goo somehow.  At least I hope that's what they do.  I don't even remember what it's like to be able to hear properly out of both ears, or to not have this loud ringing in my ear.  Probably everything is going to sound real loud through that ear for a while once it's cleared out.

Drove another ~250 mile road trip Sunday, this time trying to scout the route for the Miata Club's Fall Drive.  A lot of what I was hoping to do (based on my Kansas Atlas & Gazeteer) turned out to be gravel, so that was kind of frustrating.  I also got a late start so it was dark before I was done exploring.  Oh well.

Tandra and I watched an episode of the Surreal Life.  Flava Flav is hilarious and Brigitte Nielsen is seriously scary.

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Oh yeah, I forgot.  Friday night I was up partying until almost 6 AM.  Haven't done that in a LONG time.  Wound up at a party where a bunch of people I knew in a previous life showed up.  That was interesting.  I don't remember the route I took to get home.  :-) Saturday I was pretty hung over until I took Tandra's advice and had a beer. Weird how much that made me feel better, but it did. I pretty much always take her advice now.

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Let's play a game.  It's called What's Annoying.  It goes like this.

You know what's annoying?
It's annoying when I make a special trip to Electronics Boutique in the mall to pick up my video game which has an official release date of today, and I'm told "The official release date is today but it takes a day to get here.  We'll have it tomorrow."  Especially when, the other day when I preordered it, I said "I'll be in Tuesday to pick it up" and nobody bothered to mention this to me.

You know what's annoying?
It's annoying when you go to the doctor, sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes, and then get a prescription which you can't afford, and then drop it off at the pharmacy to be told "there's no such thing as this, we'll have to call your doctor and see what he meant."

Your turn.
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Does anybody know why the solution to me having fluid in my ears is to put more fluid in my ears? Anyone who can tell me gets a gold star.

I'm getting ear candles tomorrow.