September 14th, 2004

another reason why I want a paintball gun

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Just for those of you who aren't local and don't already know - the "Reverend" Fred Phelps is this giant dickhead homophobe who is the reverend of a "church" of like-minded bigot f*cks in Topeka, KS. This guy seriously flew to Wyoming to PROTEST THE FUNERAL of Matthew Shepard. WHO PROTESTS A FUNERAL?!? I won't link to his website but it's unbelievable the amount of homophobic bigotry and hatred that flies out of this assh0le's face. I fcking want to shoot him.

Phelps to Protest at Laramie Project Showing

Wichita, Kan. - At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 15, Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka will protest the final showing of "The Laramie Project" outside Century II. Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church are known for their extremist views on issues related to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. Because of this, Equality Kansas, its members, and allied organizations will stage a peaceful counter-protest beginning Wednesday at 7 p.m., outside Century II.

"The Laramie Project", a play written by Moisés Kaufman, chronicles the 1998 death of Mathew Shepard, a young man who was beaten and died because he was gay, and the lives of the people of the small town of Laramie Wyo., after this horrific event. Shepard's death and Phelps' terrible and ongoing abuse of the memory of Shepard, his family, and the people of Laramie has served as a rallying point to bring together many in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community and its allies to fight for equal treatment, equal rights, and inclusive hate crimes legislation, which are all sorely missing in Kansas.

"Reverend Phelps and his congregation have made a career of bashing gay and lesbian Kansans. His agenda is dangerous and un-American. The shared values of hatred and bigotry pushed by Phelps and other like-minded conservative religious leaders, such as Wichita's Terry Fox of Immanuel Baptist Church and Joe Wright of Central Christian Church, threaten the freedom of every Kansan," said Kelly Mattingly, Equality Kansas Chair

"It is our intention to make it clear to Phelps, his followers, and other bigots that the people of Wichita will not stand for their kind of morality, their kind of religion, and their kind of freedom. Hatred is not a family value, it is not a Kansas value, and it is not a Wichita value," Patrick Hutchison, Equality Kansas Media Relations Director, said.

For more information, contact Kelly Mattingly, Equality Kansas Chair, at (316) 264-1752 or by e-mail at or Patrick Hutchison, Equality Kansas Media Relations Director, at (316) 259-8867 or by e-mail at