September 27th, 2004

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Much Miata-ness over the weekend.

Saturday was the local Miata Club's Fall Drive, which I volunteered to plan and lead. I did lots of research and figured out a route. It was phenomenal. The day could not possibly have gone better than it did. We started out with six cars and ten people. We hit all kinds of twisty and roller coaster hilly areas. Even the stretches of highway that were between the good parts, the stretches I thought would be boring, were good, with enough hills and turns to keep it interesting, and plenty of good scenery.

The really fun part was right after the sign that said "Dangerous curves next 23 miles". hehehh.

We even accidentally stumbled into a car show - in Ark City, people were lined up along the street with coolers and lawn chairs like it was a parade route, and we seriously found the biggest car show I've ever seen. And none of them were parked - they were all cruising. So we paraded our Miatas right on through there like we had it all planned out. It was awesome.

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Then yesterday my transmission exploded. Suddenly I could select only first and second gears with the shift knob, but when I did, I had no motion. When I put it in neutral, the car went in reverse. I couldn't get the gear shifter into any of the other gears. I thought for sure I was in for a really expensive transmission replacement.

And I probably would have been right, had it not been for this: God bless I fixed my car in 15 minutes with tools I had lying around. I love that. I love DIY fixes. :-)

As usual, I don't want to be at work. Bored.