October 8th, 2004

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It's really foggy this morning. I almost brought out my camera, but I figured "nah, I don't have time to screw around anyway, I've gotta get to work."

So of course, when I got to work, the railing next to our delivery dock had a whole bunch of these:

With my real camera I could have made these look phenomenal.

Figures. :-P

Friday Ten

From (fridayfiver):

1. What is the biggest purchase you've ever made? I suppose that would be my home.

2. Would you describe yourself as a spender or a saver? Hell, I'd like to have enough money to have a choice.

3. Do you consider yourself someone who makes environmentally-conscious decisions? Well, to an extent. I mean, I make a point of not throwing trash out the car window (unless it's biodegradable), but I don't choose what I purchase based on the environmental practices of the company who produces whatever it is I'm buying.

4. What do you envy? Wealth. Financial comfort.

5. Kermit: Just Another Frog or Greatest Thing Ever? Somewhere in between.

From (thefridayfive):

1. What is something that you used to believe, but are glad you don't believe anymore? yeah. My parents never argued or even disagreed in front of me, so I grew up thinking that if a couple has any kind of argument or disagreement, then they're not right for each other and should end the relationship. I finally learned better when I was about 25, thanks to Tandra. I'm glad I don't believe that any more.

2. Is there something you wish you still believed? What? Part of me wishes I still believed in Santa Claus. :-)

3. What experience or person taught you the most about life? That's a tough one. I've learned a lot from my dad and a lot from Tandra. That's a toss-up. My dad taught me all the basic survival and responsibility stuff, and then Tandra came along and tempered that with a lot of "have fun or you'll go insane," not to mention lots of different ways of doing things and looking at things that have helped me cope with life. She rocks.

4. What area of life would you like to know or understand more about? Well, probably the one thing none of us know about, what exists outside of life as we know it? I.e. Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation?

5. What is your most valuable lesson about life so far? To always cherish and appreciate your loved ones and never take their presence for granted.
politicians suck... right?

Presidential Debate drinking game

You know you want to. Who's having the party?

Take one drink if:
Kerry makes a reference to the UN
Kerry exceeds the time limit for any response
Bush says the word "safer." If he uses the word "democracy" in the same sentence, make it a double.
Bush mentions Vietnam
Bush says "war on terra"
Either candidate mentions an ordinary American by name
Either candidate mentions Bill Clinton
Either candidate mentions Enron
Either candidate mentions Halliburton
Either candidate interrupts the other candidate
Either candidate gives out his or her campaign Web site URL
Either candidate looks into the wrong camera
Either candidate refuses to answer a hypothetical question
Either candidate says he or she is "surprised" by something a rival says
Anyone says "Axis of Evil"

Take two drinks if:
Bush says "nukular"
Bush utters any previously recorded Bushism, like "misunderestimate" or "subliminable"
Bush says "cut and run"
Bush mentions Crawford, TX
Bush mispronounces any word or name
Bush says "Osama bin Laden"
Kerry says "W stands for wrong"
Kerry brings up Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment
Either candidate says a rival is "wrong"
Either candidate mentions blogs
You see anyone wearing the yellow "LiveSTRONG" bracelet
The camera catches an audience member in mid-yawn

Finish Your Glass (liquor) or Bottle (beer) If:
Bush accuses Kerry of being "French on terrorism"
Bush uses the phrase "compassionate conservative"
Bush admits he made a mistake ("miscalculation" counts)
Kerry accuses Bush of being a pansy for avoiding Vietnam
You laugh out loud at a candidate's joke
Anyone in the audience gets dragged out of the auditorium
Anyone says "Osama bin Hidin'"
Anyone attempts to speak Spanish to pander to Latinos

Finish the Bottle (liquor) or 6-pack (beer) If:
Ralph Nader shows up insisting on airtime
The candidates get into a fistfight
Anyone challenges anyone to a duel
The moderator rips off his mask to reveal his true identity is Karl Rove
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politicians suck... right?

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Whoda thunk two months ago when I was fed the fuck up with politics, that I'd be avidly following the election campaigns and religiously watching the debates? Pretty cool. I do have jenniker and worldcomrade to thank for helping to get me interested.

  • Again he is poised, on point, for the most part he's addressing the questions and issues, and I like his answers.
  • I love how he's staring Bush down, looking dead at him while making his points. Nice.
  • (To Bush:) "We did something you don't know how to do! We balanced the budget." Nice.
  • "OG/BYN"... whoops.
  • Interesting... Kerry looks a little uncomfortable talking directly into the camera. (Not that you really need to be skilled at that to be a politician, unless you're running for Governator of California.)
  • "Nukular."
  • "Internets."
  • "Bilateralations."
  • Holy crap. He just completely lost his temper and composure, broke debate protocol, and COMPLETELY railroaded Charles Gibson! Wow. Anyone watching this should choose to vote for Kerry based on that outburst alone. Wow.
  • Wouldn't you think that Bush's coaches and advisors would have talked to him enough about not seeming like such a pouting, whiny child? He sounds like a spoiled little bitch!
  • Again, sounds like he doesn't have enough content, and he's back to just repeating the same crap over and over.
  • Did he just say "Senator Kennedy"?
  • He did just say to the people "you might think that makes sense, I don't." Even if he's talking about something that's in the best interest of the people, isn't there a less patronizing way to say it?
  • I'm getting really tired of Bush's punk ass interrupting Charlie.
  • What the hell are "battlin' green eye shades"?
  • Ok, Bush finally addressed Kerry directly. Unfortunately nothing but hot air was coming out of his face.
  • "Let me incent you to go on the government." What?
  • Bush tried to quote the part of the Constitution that says "all men are created equal" and he COULDN'T REMEMBER IT. He said "The Constitution does not say that slavery is legal because of property rights. The Constitution says we're all... it just doesn't say that."
  • Ha, I love it. The final question was Bush being asked to name three mistakes he'd made and how he would rectify them. He absolutely CAN NOT admit to making a mistake. He wouldn't even admit to a small one. He just started defending the war in Iraq again. Not what he was asked, and not addressing the question.
  • Ha, Bush just said "haters". I'm amused.
I really really like Kerry's ideas about eliminating our dependency on foreign energy. Kerry just sounds like the future to me. He sounds like a man who hasn't completely lost sight of why he's a politician; he hasn't just gotten completely wrapped up in the politics of it. He seems to have a reasonably clear view of the fact that we as a society should strive for advancement, for evolution, for progress. I don't get a bad gut feeling about Kerry, either, which I'm desperately searching for. Bush sounds like he's blinded by political survival and like his views of the world are stuck in the past. I don't have to search deep in my gut to find a bad feeling about him. I honestly can't see how anyone can watch this debate, watch the differences between how these two men conduct themselves, and believe that Bush is the better candidate. Not unless they are lying to themselves.

Tandra makes a good point - no one mentioned gay marriage. Boo to Charlie Gibson for that.

No, I didn't have to tape it, and no, I didn't play the drinking game. Stay tuned for my take on the next Presidential debate on Wednesday.