October 25th, 2004

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Happy Halloween week!

I'm really clumsy when I first wake up. Like, I can't keep my balance, and then after I can, I still bump into sh!t and knock stuff over and stuff. Is everybody like that?

I hate mornings. I hate Mondays. I hate Monday mornings. I hate having to dress up for work. It's retarded and pointless.

So, while I'm feeling all 'fck the system', tell me your perfect crime. Come on, everybody's had that one great idea at one point in their life for the perfect crime. Tell me yours.

well that's just bitchin'

Yeah, and I finished working on the car's interior, and right about then my camera's battery completely crapped out so I can't take "after" pictures. I don't have ten bucks for another battery at the moment. I will this weekend.

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You know what I've decided?

I've decided that there is some secret in the world to making money, and I don't know what it is. And no one will tell me. Some people know it, and some people just don't, and I'm one of the ones who doesn't. I want someone to tell it to me.

I also want someone to tell me why each of my paychecks goes noticeably less far than the last. Why my bills and paychecks have stayed the same but each month I can pay less and less of my bills. Someone explain that shit to me.

Someone tell me how to make some money before I have to sell our cars. I don't want to.