October 27th, 2004

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I'm frightened.

Not only did I just hear the muzak version of a song I actually like playing here at work, but I was instantly able to find the real version on my hard drive and play it.
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politicians suck... right?

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Is anyone else aware of the fact that GWB's website appears to now be BLOCKING FOREIGN VISITORS??? Apparently a request for the site from the UK returns the following: "Access denied: You don't have permission to access http://georgewbush.com on this server." Can you believe this sh!t? Does he really need to reinforce the fact that he hates "dem furners"?? How stupid is he?

The story I linked to includes lots of contributions from readers worldwide about their ability/inability to access the site, their comments, how the blocking works, how to get around it, etc. Quote from the linked page: "It must be hard work keeping up with all those internets."

From Netcraft, who has a story with a bit of an explanation: "Excluding non-U.S. requests could be denying access to the Bush campaign site to some registered voters, including American residents who are living overseas but eligible to vote by absentee ballot." Nice.

[Edit: BBC has picked this story up.]
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politicians suck... right?

for those of you who get really pissed about this sort of thing:

Stolen directly from boingboing_net (boingboing):

Cory Doctorow: Kids at Richland Center High School in Richland Center, WI got a chance to meet George W Bush during an official visit. However, any student who turned up wearing a pro-Kerry pin, hat or shirt was threatened with expulsion.

Here's the contact information for the school officials, who have betrayed the trust we put in them as educators to teach democratic fundamentals, like open debate, dissent, and freedom of expression.

Richland Center High School
23200 Hornet High Rd
Richland Center, WI 53581
Phone: (608) 647-6131

Here’s the principal:
John Cler
608-647-6131 x1590

Here’s the local superintendant of schools:
Rachel Schultz

Here’s the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction:

Here’s the state superintendent:
Elizabeth Burmaster

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politicians suck... right?

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By the way, if you haven't seen Fahrenheit 9/11, you no longer have an excuse. It's legally available as a free download here, among other places.

Even if you have seen it, watch it again before the election.

I'm not even half way through yet, but I can tell you a couple things. The Bush campaign is right on a couple counts. They are right as they continue to repeatedly insist and pound into our heads that 9/11 was the most important event of Bush's presidency. They are right when they say that Bush's response to this showed what he is really made of. But they are not right for the reasons they think. They think this was his finest hour.

Watch the movie for another perspective.