December 3rd, 2004


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Any HVAC people in the house?

Last winter my pilot light thought it would be fun to start randomly going out. Just when I least expected it, the temperature in the house would suddenly plummet and I'd have to go downstairs, take the cover off the furnace, wedge a match into that annoying wire thingy, light it, push the button, and stick the match all the way in the back of the furnace until it went "boof" and lit.

I had to do this a lot. I had to do this so much that I just left a box of matches on the floor next to the furnace.

Tandra's cousin is in HVAC - he came out and replaced the thermal coupler. Transplanted the soul of my pilot light. In fact, it's like having a completely other pilot light. It worked for a while after that, but of course it was warm enough a month later that we didn't need the furnace much anymore.

This fall when it started getting cold again, like in October, that same pilot light returned. Probably angry at having been replaced, it came back to my house. It went out and REFUSED TO COME BACK ON. It's like it was jealous of my wood-burning fireplace insert with the nice blower on it - "Fine, if you don't need me to keep your house warm, I'll just be going now. *poof*."

So I had to call the people who have a great big sticker on the side of my furnace, the local HVAC company who I guess have ownership over my wayward pilot light. They sent a lackey out who replaced my thermal coupler (yes, transplanting the heart and soul of my pilot light again), decided that it might be good for my furnace to have a FILTER (I LIVED THERE FOR A YEAR AND A HALF WITH NO FURNACE FILTER AT ALL?!?), and informed me that my blower motor needed to be disassembled and cleaned due to the aforementioned lack of filter. I couldn't afford all that, so I skipped the cleaning of the motor and decided to be satisfied with having my wayward pilot light once again removed.

So yeah. Last night it went out again. I lit it again. Then I had a really nice, really HOT fire in my fireplace last night. The kind that usually get the living room up to about 82 degrees. Only, the living room didn't get up to 82. Only about 74. It didn't occur to me that the pilot light might have gone out again since I had just lit it TWO HOURS AGO.

This morning it was 65 degrees in my house when I woke up. THIS IS NOT A COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE FOR ME. THIS IS NOT A HAPPY WAY FOR ME TO WAKE UP. I lit the pilot light again, even though my better judgement tells me to stop giving life to that evil, evil thing, and even though I fully expect it to be out again at lunch.

So yeah, that was a long story, but my question to you HVAC people can best be summed up as follows:

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P.S. Last night my digital camera departed Newark, NJ. This morning it arrived at Newark, NJ.

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Friday 15

From (fridayfiver):

1. Describe your current love life: Pretty damned close to perfect, honestly.

2. Are you a monogamist? I am.

3. If you could, how would you change your current love life? There are still some issues that come up every now and then in my relationship. If I could, I'd go back and change the past to make those issues nonexistent. That's all. Everything in the present really is wonderful.

4. Worst. Pick-up Line. Ever: I wouldn't know, since I don't think a pick-up line has ever genuinely been uttered to me, and I never made a practice of using them. They just seem inherently ineffective to me, so I never bothered with them.

5. If this one celebrity asked you out, they might possibly have the power to pull you away from any current relationship(s): Wasn't there a question kind of like this recently? As I said before, the whole "celebrity" thing is disinteresting to me to the point of being maddening. People obsess over "celebrities", and I cannot figure out why. The celebrities that are typically considered "hot" by most people generally tend to look (and act) like whores. The ones who are attractive but not obsessed over as being "hot" are the ones who are much more like normal people, and in that case, why wouldn't you rather just have a real, live normal person? So by that argument, celebrities just don't interest me that way.

But that's not to mention that Tandra is seriously both cooler and hotter than any celebrity I can think of. No human being, celebrity or otherwise, could pull me away from her. :-)

From (thefridayfive):

1. If you have a phobia (or something close to one), what is it? For a few months back when I didn't know what was wrong with my heart (Premature Atrial Contractions, Sinus Tachycardia, and a case of MVP so minor the cardiologist refused to actually diagnose it, all things that are basically nothing to worry about), I was phobic that my heart might just throw up its arms and go "oh, f*ck it all anyway", but I'm not phobic of that any more. I don't think I have any phobias, really. Well, okay, I'm claustrophobic, but only if I'm in such a tight place that I can't move my arms around. Elevators don't bother me at all.

2. How long have you had the phobia (or something close to it)? See above.

3. If you know anyone with a phobia (or something close to it), how does s/he act when s/he is experiencing it? Irrational is all I can say. Which is to be expected - I mean, it is a phobia.

4. What is one phobia you would wish not to have? See above. Aren't you listening?

5. What is one phobia you wouldn't mind having, if you were to face one? I suppose one of those really obscure ones like a Fear of Jumping Chinese Women. You know, the sort of thing you wouldn't really have to deal with very often.

From flydayfyve (quite a lame set of questions this week):

1. How happy are you that it's Friday? Pretty happy. You want something empirical? Four out of five stars.

2. What do you usually do Friday nights? Date night! :-D

3. How bad does it suck to work on Friday night? I forget, I haven't had to work on a Friday night since... oh, probably ten years ago.

4. Did this week blow chunks for you too? Not particularly, no.

and finally, just because I have to...

5. How much do YOU like rokken with dokken? Who is Dokken? I figure they're somewhere between AC/DC and Judas Priest. If that's the case, I have no interest whatsoever.

[EDIT] Okay, five out of five stars.
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