December 30th, 2004


See, I always thought there was some unspoken law that Muzak had to retain a certain level of respect for real music. Muzak has to maintain some bit of distance from real muzak, you know? Like a DMZ between the two, a no-man's land. Muzak can't sound too much like the real thing, and it would be sacrelige for there to be a Muzak version of a song that's less than, say, ten or fifteen years old. And you really can't make a muzak version of anything very hard - a song has got to have some bit of Muzak potential in its original form. Otherwise it just doesn't work.


Just now I was in the bathroom and, over the Muzak system that's incessantly pumped into our psyches here at work, I heard the Muzak version of "Until I Hear It From You" by the Gin Blossoms. And I started wondering to myself, aren't the Muzak people getting a little brazen and brave? Crossing into the DMZ and violating some sort of international order? That song is not soft, not old, and this Muzak version sounds almost exactly like the real thing.

Then I did some research and discovered that the song was first released on the Empire Records soundtrack. In 1995. And that almost qualifies it for Muzak under the TEN YEAR RULE. THE YEAR OF OUR LORD NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE IS ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO. "Until I Hear It From You" is TEN YEARS OLD.

F*ck, I'm old.

where's the snooooooooow?

Okay. This is insane. We've had one tiny little snowfall that lasted half a day so far this winter, and today the high is supposed to be 70. SEVENTY DEGREES. There was a week or so when it got REALLY COLD, but no snow. Ordinarily in this situation I would be complaining about it, much like luxlis, who I do not blame.

However, there is something to be said for the fact that at lunch today, I'll be driving around with my top down.