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January 4th, 2005


Got an e-mail address you check as often as you check LJ? A PMV addy, maybe?
So, those of you who were silently cursing me for being able to drive in 70 degree weather with the top down on New Year's Eve (I know you're out there, don't deny what you are), you can rest assured that we are now getting our just dues from the weather gods.

It's raining ice. Hard. And it's windy and COLD. Result - water IN the grass, but ice ON the grass.

The back of my car looked like this when I got home for lunch:

Roads are still wet, not icy, YET. Other towns are cancelling EVERYTHING and some of them are losing power already.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow it's going to snow ON TOP OF the ice!

I'm not as excited about this as I would be if I had a car that were a) something I could sacrifice and b) something with some ground (i.e. snow) clearance. If I still had the Oldsmobile I'd be GIDDY right now.

I'll still probably go play. :-)



Well, more of an ICE day at this point.

cut for picturesCollapse )


posting from my cell phone

not 5 minutes after my last post, our power went out.


all I hear is sirens and great trees cracking and falling


I see flashes of blue and orange in the sky as transformers blow


our house is lit by candles and a kerosene lamp