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January 7th, 2005

"I'm still alive" (hint - think Pearl Jam)

yesterday we took all our essentials and moved to one of Tandra's relatives houses that happened to be both empty and with power. I now have a gas generator on my back porch which is allowing the furnace to run, I'm keeping the house around 60 so the pipes don't freeze. I've now plugged the laptop and DSL modem into the generator as well, but I won't be here long. It's still very cold in here and my mouse hand is getting slow.

I have lots of digital pictures, but no time to post them. Probably on Monday, assuming there is power at work by then. There isn't now.

So, at 7:30 tonight it will have been 72 hours with no power to my house. It sucks and it's inconvenient. I've left the Miata in the garage and we've just been driving the Mystique.

And yes, in spite of all this, I've been getting plenty sideways in the Mystique. :-)

Read all your comments, but again, no time to answer yet. Thanks for your concern!

Maybe I'll get all my photo posts ready from the other house and come back here to post them tonight or tomorrow.


the long entry, with pictures.

So, yeah. I've been updating via my cell phone just because I thought what was happening was interesting. Power went out at our house Tuesday night around 7:30. We lit candles and got a fire roaring in the wood-burning stove. Closed off the unnecessary rooms and drug a mattress into the living room in front of the fireplace.

here come the picturesCollapse )

Another quick update

Tandra's aunt, the one whose house we were staying at, came back. The house they were moving into lost power so she came back to her old house.

We bolted.

She's loud and annoying and we can't stand her.

Matt is a lifesaver and since his power is back on has loaned us his really nice, quiet, regulated, smart 3000 watt generator. He also rewired my furnace to plug into a normal 110 outlet instead of being hard-wired. So we're now running the furnace (it's gas so it only needs juice for the blower), the fridge, a couple lamps, the TV, the DSL modem, one telephone, and the laptop. We're almost living normally, sort of. It's nice to have our home back and to have some sort of warmth.

"Just the essentials" for four people is a lot of crap. We moved it all over yesterday and moved it all back today. There seems to be no end to the amount of shit I have to do. This is a nonstop pain in the ass. I'm in an okay mood though.

76 hours without power and counting.


Jan. 7th, 2005

There's a guy on LJ who was on vacation in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit. He and his family just escaped. His name is transmigrant and his spellbinding story starts here and continues here.

Jan. 7th, 2005

So. Apparently while all this weather chaos was happening, Six Apart (makers of what appears to be a really good blogging tool, Movable Type) have BOUGHT LIVEJOURNAL.

This is probably a really cool thing.

Brad is now teh rich.