January 14th, 2005

Friday Ten (which sucks, I like my Friday Fifteen icon so much more)

From (fridayfiver):

1. Have you ever considered running away? Oh, sort of half-assedly, not really.

2. If you ran away, where would you go? Now? I wouldn't run away unless I was taking my family, and that's got another name, right? Moving. I'd move to Colorado.

3. Who would miss you? My parents and friends here. Stupid question.

4. Do you speak a foreign language? Not really.

5. Do you have a passport? Nope. I have a felony instead. I believe they're mutually exclusive.

From (thefridayfive):

1. What is one thing about you that you hate? Hate? Hate's a pretty strong word. Earlier I would have said that I'm annoyed by my unwillingness to take chances, but I'm kind of trying to take steps to change that. I like myself pretty well, actually.

2. What is one thing about you that you love? See, now you want to make me sound egotistical. Who writes these questions? Okay, I like that I'm responsible and I take care of business.

3. If you had to change one thing about you what would it be and why? Christ, this is getting stupid. I'm FINE with myself.

4. One is one word that you would use to define yourself? ANNOYED.

5. Imagine what you would look like in a perfect world.. what do you look like? These questions were written by a completely self-absorbed 16-year old girl, weren't they? This is going to turn back into a Friday Five post if thefridayfive doesn't start some sort of QC process on their questions.

From the "How to be a Stupid Jackass" file:

Method #38

1) Don't pay your cell phone bill
2) Still don't pay your cell phone bill
3) When your cell phone stops working, call customer service all angry and confused because your cell phone doesn't work and you don't know why and you want them to fix it.

(Inspired by a conversation with nick_charles in which he informed me that the #1 reason cell phone customers call customer service with technical problems is caused by disconnection due to billing issues.)