February 4th, 2005


Greg Howard has also posted today on his blog about the utter idiocy of corporate-ness, but in greater detail and eloquence than my lame post. :-)
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Friday Ten

From (fridayfiver):

1. Have you ever tried meditation? Yep.

2. Do you pray? Nope.

3. Worst nightmare: An actual dream, or a real life scenario? The real life one is pretty standard (life falling apart, etc) so I'll tell you about my worst dream-type nightmare. That I can remember at the moment. I'm sure there've been worse. When I was a very little kid I dreamt that I was in the back of a huge military cargo jet in the cargo area, duct-taped to a folding lawn chair (sitting in it), with a spoon taped over my mouth so I couldn't talk. I suppose I had just heard 'gag me with a spoon' for the first time. It was scary because I was really young.

99% of the time I tend not to remember my dreams.

4. Do trolls live under your bed?

Not my bed.

5. Make a wish: I wish Tandra felt better.

From (thefridayfive):

1. How old were you when you got your drivers license? 14.

2. Did you get your own car right away, use the family car, or bum rides from friends? Family car.

3. What was your first car and what was it like? MY first car was a blue 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass coupe. I friggin LOVED that car.

4. How old were you when you got your first traffic ticket and what happened? Uh, 16. I rolled through a stop sign. That's about it. I was cooperative so the cop wrote it for "disobeying an official traffic device" which apparently is less of a fine.

5. What is your favorite car story, be it an accident, road trip, etc? You're really asking me that. I don't have TIME for this question.

Um, it's probably the road trip we took to Kentucky to pick up the Miata. I posted about it.
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