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February 7th, 2005

So yesterday while I was watching the Super Bowl, the wife and her mom vacated the premises, supposedly to go bowling. Only, they were gone an awful long time, and I gathered from brief bits of conversation with Tandra that she was shopping. But she was very vague about it and wouldn't give me any details.

When they got home, they kicked me out of the bedroom and disappeared up there. They wouldn't let me in. After a while I went out for an hour or so.

When I got back, they finally let me in. Tandra cleaned and REDECORATED the whole room! My tired, achy, pregnant, beautiful, fantastic wife redid the whole room, like Trading Spaces style or something, only maybe not quite so intense (no carpentry was involved that I am aware of).

It is SO COOL. She posted photos on her journal, so check it out because I'm too lazy to bother with it myself.

Thank you baby!
Apparently Girl Scout cookies are delivered to the various distribution centers in big corrugated cardboard boxes, and apparently I ordered enough of them to warrant my very own Girl Scout Cookie corrugated cardboard box.