March 16th, 2005

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Photos from Sunday's Autocross (not taken by me) under a cut here, including shots of a Lamborghini Countach kit car and a BEAUTIFUL Lotus Elise. Also a couple shots of my car and Ace's Volvo 850 wagon out on course.

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The rest are here.

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Mark Morford again, this time discussing the sudden underground availability of a two-year-old Fiona Apple album that was never released, shelved by Sony.
"This, then, is the bottom line. The rules are changing fast. Great songs want to be free. Fiona Apple is singing anew, despite the corporate crackdown and the RIAA sneers, and it's all just more proof positive that you can't really contain or restrain raw human talent, can't kill the need for true creative prowess, and that goddamn flower is gonna crack through that corporate concrete no matter how much weed killer they pour on it. The commercial dictatorship is crumbling. New songs are being sung, in spite of the old rules..."
I love this guy.