March 18th, 2005

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mmm, the 2006 Ford GT will be offered in a limited edition Tungsten Silver color. Yummy. Ordinarily I sneer at silver cars for the sole reason that silver is the #1 color of choice for cars purchased in the U.S., but this is a Ford GT. It can be any color it wants to be and I'll still get hard for it. And the tungsten silver just looks SO SEXY on it.

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guess who
"Can it really be true, you mutter in astonishment as you sip, working, as always, always, to take the edge off this bleak and BushCo'd world, that a respected right wing judge named Richard Kramer from San Francisco Superior Court just declared California's ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional on the grounds that it's, well, just plain silly, and wrong headed, and at odds with what love and desire and human connection are truly all about?"
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Last night I was playing around with the digital camera and took some video of the kids. Nic was in the bathtub and Xandria was in the bathroom. Neither of them knew I was shooting video at the time. It's nothing special, I just thought it was cute and the end makes me laugh.

Kids in the bathroom (.avi, :30, 320x240, 10MB, right click and save)

Xandria was saying "Whose picture are you taking?" as the video starts.

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Man, I am a posting FREAK today.

Ok, check out how amazingly unbelievably pregnant Tandra is.

Sorry it's a bit soft/oversharpened - the camera refused to focus properly.

Friday Ten

From ( fridayfiver):

1. What's the first physical feature that attracts you to another person?
The face. If that's not good, nothing else matters.

2. Do you read the tabloids (i.e. The National Enquirer, The Mirror)?

3. Have you ever snuck a peek at someone else's paper while taking an exam?
Um, probably, but usually I don't bother because the people sitting around me are inevitably going to get a lower grade than I am.

4. How would you describe your vision?
20/20 with contact lenses. What a weird question.

5. What's the scariest thing you've ever seen?
When I was in jail I saw a guy try to kill himself by tying a sheet around his neck and around the top rail on the mezzanine. I looked away before he jumped. By the time he did, the cops were in there and grabbed him and hauled him back up onto the top level. They took him away. We didn't see him after that.

From ( thefridayfive):

The Friday Five, Times Five

1. What are your five favorite all time TV shows?
As a kid:
  • MacGyver
  • The A-Team
  • Dukes of Hazzard
  • Knight Rider
  • Transformers
I only included those because for some reason when I read the question, they all came rushing into my head.

  • The Amazing Race
  • Tuner Transformation
  • Most kinds of auto racing that include turning both directions (WRC, GT, JGTC, ALMS, SCCA)
  • Wheel of Fortune (yes, seriously, I'm damn good at that show, I should be on it)
2. What five things you want to do before the year is out?
  • Meet our new baby!
  • Go to Deal's Gap
  • Move to a more affordable house and start saving money
  • Fix/upgrade a bunch of stuff on my car
  • Make some substantial progress in a project I'm not talking about yet
3. Who are five people (alive, dead, or otherwise) you would want to have dinner with?
Otherwise? What does otherwise mean?
  • Jesus, I suppose, though that probably wouldn't clear things up the way I'd like it to. He's so damn cryptic.
  • Enya
  • Lewis Black
  • Petter Solberg
  • Tandra's a favorite dinner companion of mine. :-)
4. Where are five places (cities, states, countries, etc.) you would like to visit?
  • NYC
  • The entire west coast
  • Grand Canyon
  • The badlands/Moab area in Wyoming/Utah, including Devil's Tower
  • New England including a port city like Portsmouth, NH or Portland, ME, just because life there is probably SO DIFFERENT from here. Also Salem and Danvers, MA, and Walden Pond.
5. What are your five favorite desserts?
  • Tira Misu
  • Black Forest cake
  • French Silk pie
  • Peach pie a la mode
  • Bread Pudding
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