June 8th, 2005

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Last night I had a dream that I was at a dock in a harbor. Tandra and I were both there. There were lots of enormous boats anchored at the docks, tied into these narrow little "parking spaces" that were just wide enough for the boats to fit into. The docks weren't wooden frames underneath, they were solid concrete all the way to the bottom. These boats were really big, I mean standing next to them they towered over you.

But in my dream we weren't standing next to them - we were floating in the water right between one of the boats and the dock. The funny thing is, we kept going up and down, up and down. I mean, the water level where we were was drastically going up and down, and we were just floating along for the ride. Tandra wanted to know why we kept changing altitude so extremely while looking out into the harbor, it didn't look like the water level was changing that much. I explained to her that as the ship next to us moved from side to side, it squeezed the water next to it against the dock, and so there was nowhere to go but up. I told her we were perfectly safe because we would never be crushed by the boat because we would just float up instead.

Then at that moment the water in the harbor drained. Completely. Really fast. Faster than gravity. Faster than we could keep up with. One moment we were floating looking out at the harbor, still at dock level. The next moment the water level plunged below our feet, leaving us hanging in mid-air. As it kept receding, I kept hoping and waiting for it to come back up so that we'd have some depth of water to land in as we fell, but it didn't. Within a matter of seconds the bottom of the harbor (which was extremely deep, 100 feet at least) became visible as the water drained away from between rocks that made up the bottom. As we plunged down towards the bottom, I felt terrible for telling Tandra that we were safe, even though what had happened was completely unexpected and not what she had been worried about. Just as we were about to smack into the bottom and certainly die, I felt strangely unafraid, but very sad.

So yeah, all the weird up and down stuff was crazy, I usually don't have dreams like that.
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