June 17th, 2005

(no subject)

Growing up, Tandra and I lived in the same neighborhoods at the same time without ever actually meeting. I think there was one day when I went outside my usual bicycling area and met some kids I didn't know - turns out this happened in front of the house she lived in, so it was probably her. I was maybe 14 at the time. We also lived in the Shirkmere at the same time, though we didn't know each other then either. We've always been just out of each others' sight, but very close. Finally we met.

This is a poem I wrote last year about that.

As a child, I think I saw you
Peeking out at me
From behind some video game
Or maybe your mom's knee.

Somehow I was drawn to you
Though I can't say why.
Some kind of curiosity,
A spark in my mind's eye.

As a child, I think I saw you
On an unfamiliar street.
We spoke a while of innocent things
And we shuffled our feet.

And somehow I was drawn to you
Though I did not admit.
(At that age you can't ask a stranger
to have a go at it.)

Again I think I saw you
As a young man living free,
But life's distractions were in play
A missed opportunity.

But I was still drawn to you
Even if at that time
You were just a vague feeling,
A concept in my mind.

This time I know I saw you
Red, spiked, inked and proud
I could not fight the urge
To find out what you were about

This time I was so drawn to you
I wanted to explore
The reason why I felt like you
Were something I'd known before.

And so began our journey,
Or was it years before
That my heart began to show me
What it wanted to adore?

So even though the road for us
Has sometimes made us cry,
You are still the one for me
My love, my firefly.