June 24th, 2005

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9:00 AM and it's already 80 degrees.

The predicted high for today, tomorrow and Sunday is 95.

And this weekend I intend to be working up underneath my car with, among other things, a propane torch and two 500w halogen work lights.

Good times.

the next episode in the bogus karaoke contest saga

I just got a very nice and professional response from Wichita Festivals. Apparently, the karaoke contest was never an official River Fest event - the Scotch and Soda, in accordance with what appears to be their status quo of shady practices, was misrepresenting it as such.

I'll have to talk to Tandra to find out just how blatantly they represented the contest as being an official River Fest event.

I'm also going to make sure she doesn't object to me presenting this to the local media. I'll probably contact Weezy one more time to give her the chance to make this right before blowing the whistle on her, though it's not looking likely at this rate.

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