July 12th, 2005

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I need a good bit of software that can edit .avi movie files. It should be free, or at least easy to acquire at no cost. I need to be able to do Photoshoppy things like adjusting levels, brightness & contrast, etc. Anyone got any suggestions?

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You thought yesterday that he couldn't possibly get any cuter but YOU WERE WRONG because... last night he LEARNED HOW TO LAUGH!!!!!

AND I GOT IT ON VIDEO! (.avi, 2.5MB)

I must warn you, watching this could cause your insides to liquefy from cuteness, and you could die.

(Apologies that I'm not covering up my white-ass legs)

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At this point the differential is out of the car, obviously, and the entire driver's side rear suspension assembly (upper and lower control arms, caliper and rotor, hub, and half-shaft) is completely clear of the subframe. It's supported by a jack at the moment, otherwise the whole assembly would be hanging by the brake lines.

And my jack is supporting the Power Plant Frame which sagged a surprising amount once it was clear of the differential.

I'm trying not to disconnect the brakes through this process if I can help it because I don't want to have to clamp them off and then bleed the brakes again during reassembly.

I'm surprised at how easy it was to get the suspension off. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration - it was easy using Miah's breaker bar and the impact wrench. The spring and shock assembly I took out separately from the rest of it so I can scrub it clean and find out which springs I have. I'd like to know what my spring rates are so I have a baseline to know where I'm starting when I get a coilover setup.

I need a couple cinder blocks or short sawhorses or some other adjustable thing to support the suspension assemblies. I'm running short on jacks.