July 21st, 2005

posting about the good things, continued

My ridiculously handy-to-have-around friend Matt came over last night to look at the A/C. Within about ten minutes he had it blowing cold air again. ROCK.

Apparently the blower motor, i.e. the fan that blows the hot or cold air through all the vent ducting and into the house, had stopped and was either too dirty and gunked up to get started again, or has a bearing going out, or something. However, once he gave it a push to get it moving, it stayed moving. So the trick for now is to set the fan from Auto to On and leave it there. The compressor, the part that uses all the electricity, will still shut down when the house reaches the desired temperature, so leaving the fan on all the time won't kill my electric bill.

This is a temporary fix, but an indefinite one. Could last a long time. However Matt also gave me enough information to be able to take this motor out of the unit and take it somewhere to get it rebuilt or replaced if I need to, and even this shouldn't be horribly expensive. So basically this is the cheapest and best possible outcome to the A/C breaking. So thank goodness for small things. :-)

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I don't know how Shawn Colvin knows what a black hole this place is, but apparently someone told her:
Down at the train they go to Independence everyday
But anywhere else now seems like a million miles away
And I must have been high to believe that I would ever leave
Now I'm just a flat fine line like the Wichita skyline

I rode on the airstream across the great lonesome afternoon
I wished hard enough to hurt, drove fast enough to catch the moon
But I must have been dreaming again 'cause there's nothing around the bend
Except for that flat fine line, the Wichita skyline

As far as Salina I can get that good station from LaRue
I'm searching the dial while I'm scanning the sky for a patch of blue
And I watch the black clouds roll in chasing me back again
Back to the flat fine line, the Wichita skyline

--Wichita Skyline, by Shawn Colvin
(This song has been a favorite of mine for a number of years.)