August 1st, 2005

quick update

Tandra's depression has been coming and going, but seems to be eased a bit with the new dosage medications. The weekend wasn't too bad.

Got lots of work done on the Miata yesterday; assuming the differential parts are here by this weekend, I should be able to have it together and running again in a week. That will be really nice.

Teresa is watching the kids at my brother-in-law's apartment since there's no A/C at our house any more. It was weird to wake up to a house that aside from Tandra and the baby was empty. Real weird. It will be weird (but in a really nice way) to go home at lunch to a quiet, empty house with just Tandra and the baby upstairs. Looking forward to that, actually.

Not a whole lot else to talk about really. Two people contributed last week; thanks for that. We got formula and a bit of groceries.

Sleep-deprived. Maybe I'll be more talkative later.
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