August 23rd, 2005

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Friday the Internets at work were broken. I took part of the day off because between that and a couple of our servers having a virus, I couldn't work. Plus I felt sick. No, I'm not over it yet. This weekend I alternated between feeling sick and working on the car. Yesterday I took the day off too because I felt horrible. My extremely helpful doctor recommended I continue on my course of ADVIL for whatever's ailing me. Thanks. Today I still feel sick but slightly better and can't take any more time off work. I'm so sleepy though.

The Miata's running again. This is incredibly helpful. I'm getting it aligned at lunch today since I'm practically driving down the street sideways.

Turns out my school schedule contains two courses which have a prerequisite - a class I ended up not taking this summer. So I had to drop them and I have to add two more, now that classes have already begun. I'm sure that with my limited availability I'll end up with a FANTASTIC selection.

I'm headachey and tired and hungry and don't really feel like being here today.
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Okay. Seriously, you guys are not listening.


In other news:
  • I'm like hundreds of dollars short on bills right now, still catching up from skipping all the bills on one check to fix the car.
  • I have to change my school schedule because the class I just missed being able to take this summer was a prerequisite for two of the classes I was going to take this semester. Plus Tim said 'ixnay' (that's what he said) to 4:00 classes. This means the classes I'm going to have to take will be evening classes or weekend classes, both sucky. I'm not looking forward to seeing so little of my family.
  • I'm still not completely well.
  • We're going to have to move in the middle of the school semester.
But in spite of all that, I still feel like things are heading in a good direction. The STUPID HOT weather has been broken for the better part of a week now, with rain or clouds or at least not horribly hot weather most days. The last two days have been excellent top down weather. We're going to school. Tandra's doing much better. I got Photoshop working on my work computer again.

OMG MY LIFE IS SO BORING. I mean, not to me, but probably to everyone else. I should just make up crazy shit and post it on here instead.