September 12th, 2005

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Also swiped from lost_in_my_room who got the idea from philjones:

Dude found a note that just said "PENSIVE" on it. He decided right then and there that everyone should start writing notes that just consist of the word "PENSIVE" and leaving them all over the place. I love ideas like this.

We'll know it's successful when we find a note we didn't leave.


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Monday mornings at work should come with a 30-minute grace period. (Though I still would have been late.)

Friday was the usual. Went home. Hung out doing something-or-other, I forget what, while Tandra was at work.

7 hours of yard work. Then we went to the drive-in. We saw Transporter 2, the 40 Year Old Virgin, and Wedding Crashers.

Transporter 2: About ten minutes in I was thinking about how this was possibly the stupidest movie I'd ever seen until Tandra observed that "it's like an American Kung Fu movie", after which I was completely able to enjoy it. Imagine taking your first drink of Sunny D expecting it to taste like orange juice. It tastes like ass, until someone says "hey, it's not supposed to taste like orange juice, it's just orange-colored breakfast beverage", after which point it tastes pretty good and maybe you begin to have a need for one of those huge jugs of it in your fridge at all times. Okay, I don't need to see that movie ever again, it wasn't that good, but you get my point. It was something to do until the next movie started.

40 Year Old Virgin: Dude, Steve Carell is genius. His stuff on the Daily Show was great, The Office is hilarious, and this movie was a riot. I seriously laughed all the way through this movie which is an accomplishment for any movie.

Wedding Crashers: Pretty funny, pretty predictable. A humor level much like American Wedding. It was alright. At ten bucks a carload (that's $5 apiece) for both of us to see all three movies, I can't complain.

Oh yeah, and I kept my contacts in too long or something and they got dry and fuzzy and the left one is permanently damaged. That's REALLY ANNOYING.

7 hours of homework pretty much was the highlight of my day.

Oh, other than stabbing the holy living shit out of my thumb with a steak knife. It probably went down to the bone. I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I probably really should have gotten stitches, but fuck that. Stitches scare me. So I just put some gauze on it and taped it up. Seems to be ok so far, but I'm probably going to have to leave it taped up for a few days.

Tandra woke me up in like the best possible way - she brought me home donuts and gave me a full body scratch and some rubbins and it was wonderful.

And now it's 11 and I totally haven't done any work yet.

And now, I leave you with this, from Overheard In New York:

Girl: What is all that screaming ahead?
Guy: Maybe they are doing a reenactment of September 11th.
--Ground Zero
Overheard by: A A F

Tourist woman: Where is the World Trade Center?
New Yorker guy: You missed it.
--Chambers and W. Broadway
Overheard by: tom brigham

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The car is handling kind of wacky. Weight transfer to the front on throttle lift in a corner is having a really exaggerated effect, the front end really bites in and jerks off line. I think I'm understeering under throttle. My front camber isn't as close to my rear camber as it needs to be so I'm going to get the alignment adjusted, and also one guy pointed out that I tightened all my suspension bolts with the wheels dangling, not loaded, so that preloads the suspension. So I gotta figure out a way to fix that.

I know that lifting or fiddling with the inputs at all in a turn is bad racing form. This isn't for racing - this is for predictable handling in an unpredictable situation, i.e. street traffic.

Tandra's hand
We don't like the Orthopedic doctor who put the splint on Tandra's hand. She went from hearing, "Well, we don't *think* you'll have to have surgery" from the people who took the x-rays, to "Yep, you broke it" from the O.D. who just threw a splint on it, wrapped it up and called it good. WTF? There are bones and joints all out of place in there, we don't want it to heal that way. So she's going to get a second opinion from her regular doctor on Wednesday. I suppose it's possible she might have to have it re-broken so it can be set properly.