December 16th, 2005

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I have finally perfected the Subway Italian BMT sandwich. This is something I've been attempting to do ever since I started my new job, since there's a Subway on the way from home to work, and every day when I get home for lunch and realize there's no lunch food in the apartment and I turn around and come back to work, I'm tempted to stop there.

Italian Bread
"Toasted" (even though it's not really toasted - it's just microwaved in a lame attempt to compete with Quizno's, but it's warm and gooshy and melted-provoloney which is yummy, so who cares)
Provolone (see above)
Mayo, no mustard
Black olives, pickles, lettuce, light green peppers and light onions. No jalapenos, no tomatoes, no cucumbers.
salt, pepper, oil, vinegar.

You're welcome.
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I've only met Travis once in real life, but that time he let Tandra and I crash in his little apartment with him and his girlfriend. He set aside the evening to hang out with us, and generally show us around Nashville. He's a fun guy, a genuinely good guy, and he's got a bitchin' car and is totally into talking cars, like me, so bonus. Not to mention an excellent artist and illustrator.

Happy birthday, zerogenius! Thanks for being the cool guy you are.