March 1st, 2006

Ghetto Bird

The police helicopter just circled my neighborhood a few times.
Ghetto Bird, originally uploaded by busychild424.
The police helicopter just circled my neighborhood a few times.
Actually it circled long enough for me to get curious, go out and look, watch for a while, have an idea, run out to the parking lot, get my tripod out of the trunk, run back inside, get set up, and still catch five circles before I started wondering if my camera settings were right.

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A guy I work with just sent this around the office in an e-mail:

I replied (to all) with:
Yes, I'm writing in Fortran RIGHT NOW.

That scientist is totally punk, check out that bitchin' mohawk.

Hey - my laptop doesn't have a big-ass steering wheel. No fair. What's that for anyway, to dock with Skylab?

Who Photoshopped the typewriter in?

"Scientists add that the machine they totally just made up is expected to be powered by coal-burning technology which will be leading-edge in 2004."

"Engineers boast that under the neo-conservative totalitarian government expected to be in place by 2004, they will be able to gas up to twenty rooms of enemy combatants simultaneously with the new gas-o-matic 9000."
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In: Katharine McPhee, Chris Daughtry, Elliott Yamin, Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks.

Out tomorrow: Brenna Gethers (I'll keep saying that until she's gone), David Radford (the crooner), Will Makar, Kinnik Sky.