April 11th, 2006

my god

Okay, there are prettier cars in the world. This thing isn't designed to be pretty. This is a big-ass, ugly-ass bullying brute of a car. This car wants to jam your underwear up your ass, steal your lunch money, and punch you in the face. This car hates everyone because its father drank and beat it.

This mother fucker rolls a 12.9L V8. That's 780 ci of displacement. You know, Vanilla Ice rolls in his 5.0, and you've heard of a 454, right? Yeah. 12.9 and 780. This bad bitch packs 1100 hp into a car weighing less than 2200 lbs. That's LIGHTER THAN MY MIATA with ELEVEN TIMES THE POWER. ELEVEN.

I was looking for the 0-60 time when I saw a number that said 4.9 seconds and thought that seemed kind of slow. Then I realized they didn't even bother to list the 0-60 time - that is the time to go from standing dead still to ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR MILES PER HOUR. Jesus fuck.

Seriously, you're sitting in your chair right now, reading LiveJournal at a dead stop. Now count with me... 1, - 2, - 3, - 4, - 5: You're going 120. Just like that.

Fortunately, only fifteen people in the world will ever have the opportunity to die a violent and messy death by smearing themselves across the highway with one of these suicide machines.
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