April 24th, 2006

happy mother fucking birthday to me.

Yesterday was cool. We had an autocross and we got like six runs. I improved each time. That's a successful day in spite of working a heat that was also six runs and getting a hell of a sunburn.

But that was yesterday.

Let's see how my special day is going so far: First, I was informed that I needed to get the baby ready, by myself, and take him to the babysitter's. I'm 1:15 late to work for that. Next, we had golf ball size hail, which has dented my hood, destroyed one of my plastic headlight covers, and probably damaged Tandra's car too. Then, driving to work through bursts of torrential rain, I passed no less than three accidents which slowed me down, one of which was blocking both lanes in my direction and had no police presence, so I just went around it in the oncoming traffic lane (I was in NO MOOD). And, joy of joys, Robert will be in town today. I love Robert, he's cool, but today is just not my cheery mother fucking day. Plus my sunburn is aggravating all this.

If today is any indication of how this year is going to go, I will kill myself before I see 31.
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