May 25th, 2006

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Um, yeah. So, Tandra and I were busy last night, and we DVR'd that Idol show and only watched part of it.

"Okay," I says to myself this morning, "I'll avoid all radio, television, Internets and other sundry media input until I get that watched so as not to spoil the surprise for myself."

Yep. DVR the friggin Super Bowl and expect to get through a day without hearing who won. Brilliant idea.

Guess what the very first thing I did this morning was?

I leaned out the front door of the apartment to snatch the newspaper up off the floor and toss it into the apartment, unread, like I always do, just so the fucker next door doesn't steal it.

So, I guess my earlier plan is fucked and I'll just take in as much Internets as I please.
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Ah, and I'm already ramping up for the Great Miata Parts Swap this weekend. I expect many deliveries of boring, ordinary maintentance and hardware parts today, and over lunch I intend to pick up such fabulously exciting items as manual transmission fluid, brake fluid, oil, an oil filter, a torque wrench (the only really common tool not yet in my arsenal), a spark plug gapping tool, a valve cover gasket, and various greases and sealants.

What? I'm only swapping brake calipers, rotors, springs, shocks, driveshafts, rear axle half shafts, differentials and wheels between cars, bleeding brakes on both cars, changing the oil and filter on both cars, replacing the cam cover gasket, spark plugs and plug wires on one car and draining and replacing the tranny fluid on the other.