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August 18th, 2006

I tried to post a

I tried to post a pic but I don't think it worked. We are at the hospital. Surgery later around 1 PM CT.

Ok, Tandra is in surgery

Ok, Tandra is in surgery now.

Tandra is out of surgery.

Tandra is out of surgery. It went as well as it could have - video assist was successful so no open biopsy necessary.

She is on her way

She is on her way to recovery and I should see her in about an hour. Test results in 5 days or so. ICU overnight.

Who needs a PSP when

Who needs a PSP when you have a laptop with a NES emulator.
Ok, time for a real update.

Tandra's in the ICU and I finally got to see her. She's intubated and heavily sedated, but as I was talking to her I got a small head nod, some hand squeezes, and a couple times she sluggishly opened her eyes to see me. The sedation and intubation go together because the sedation suppresses the breathing function, so in order to wean her off the tube, they have to let her come out of sedation somewhat. They are starting that process now and aren't allowing me to be there for that time, so I took the opportunity to come home and walk the dog and grab a bite. I'll just try to get some rest until the nurse calls me and says either the tube is out, or they've decided to leave it in for the night, and then I'll go back.

She'll be in a lot of pain and discomfort, but at this point things look as good as they can. They're keeping her oxygen saturation at 99-100%, she was stable throughout the surgery, and they were able to keep to the video assisted/laproscopic method and not have to do an open biopsy with a bigger incision which is good because that would have been a more traumatic surgery with more recovery time and probably more pain.

I'm probably more tired than I think I am.

Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts and support. I think it helped. I truly expected them to say they had to do the open biopsy, so it was really good to hear that they didn't.

Keep thinking of us.