August 27th, 2006

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I take back what I said about the dementia - I now do think it's the medication again. We restricted her visiting hours today and tried to make sure she got more rest (we both took a nice long afternoon nap), and she did better today. I talked to the doctors last night about her med levels and today they pulled her dilaudid IV (she's hardly used any in the last 2 days), got her some resperdol (sp?) and lowered her narcotics levels. Tonight after evening meds she did go a bit weird, but it was more OCD - she started obsessively rearranging her flowers. She was still a handful though, ordering us around the room to move this or that, and moving things after it seemed they were settled. Her mom really helped out by calming her and by helping her transition her attention away from the flowers and onto dinner. I talked to our nurse and it turns out that the Nazi nurse we had last night only gave her 2 mg of Adavan (sp?) to calm her, which didn't work. Tonight our nurse gave her 4mg and also gave her her Seroquel at the same time - knocked her right out. We've ordered no breathing treatments or anything else which could wake her up while she's asleep, so hopefully this will last the night.

A bunch of out of town family and friends came today, many of whom have either already turned around to head home or will be doing so first thing in the morning. It's really cool of them to give up their weekends just to spend, in some peoples' cases, five or ten minutes with her. I really think that seeing her now, while she's still able to talk and appreciate it, it means more to her than to just wait until the funeral when she's not around any more anyway. If someone had to choose between coming now and coming to the funeral, I think now is the better choice.

A couple friends of mine were amazingly generous and brought Tandra $50 today. The joke was that she had won a shopping spree down at the gift shop, so we went down there for a while. So cool of my friends. OUR friends. Our friends and family have been amazing and so helpful. This would be so much worse without them.

I just realized there is church on TV... must... change... channel...

Okay, cool. South Park.

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Guys, averybadman24 has an idea for something for Tandra, and I want everyone who can to participate. This is especially good for those of you who want to do something but aren't sure what.
"We've been discussing things that anyone can do that might help out Josh and Tandra, and the best thing I think we've come up with is this: write a narrative. Either on LJ or in a word attachment. Write about some of your fondest encounters, funny anecdotes, mischeivious outtings etc... Everyone knows that tandra's life tends towards the shock and awe so do try to keep it in within the boundaries of good taste, but lets not leave out any of the wiley tank girl we all adore so much either."
See his comment for details and reply here or there.