October 13th, 2006

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I've never gotten a tattoo before, and I never had any interest in getting one, but I always thought that if anything ever happened to Tandra, I'd get one to commemorate her, because they were so important to her. This is a tattoo that she had - I'm getting a version of it.

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FTW = For The Win (thanks kyouteki)

as in, you know, from the family feud? and like probably tons of other game shows?


you've been advised.

(it does not mean fuck the world, as I initially surmised)


My artist just went home sick. Now I have to wait until Wednesday to get my ink. P00p.

In other news, WHY T F does LJ keep periodically posting my posts like five hours in the future? Annoying.

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speaking of FTW, I just typed the w1nnest line evar, today:

"dude that woman's mind is like kryptonite to the superman that is rational thought"

no, I won't tell you who it's about.