November 30th, 2006

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Here is the Wichita Public Schools weather policy as it existed when I was in high school twelve to sixteen years ago:

Monday morning: Very cold and windy. No precipitation. School is in session.
Monday noon: Frozen precipitation. Snow/ice/sleet.
Monday afternoon: Just enough sun to melt the tops of things.
Monday night: Water freezes. World becomes giant sheet of ice.

Tuesday morning: School is open as usual. People slide all over the place and can hardly pull away after dropping their kids off without sliding sideways into the curb. Crashes galore; theories of conspiracies between the school district and auto insurance companies surface.
Tuesday day: Every parent in the district calls the superintendent to commend his amazing wisdom in not cancelling classes.
Tuesday afternoon: Sun comes out, salt trucks get their act together, roads clear up enough to be driveable.

Wednesday morning: Roads are driveable. School is closed.


So you can imagine my keen interest in the fact that this morning, which is bitterly cold and windy (the windchill is FOUR), despite the roads being clear and there being no precipitation, Wichita Public Schools (and a number of other regional districts) have cancelled classes IN ANTICIPATION of the weather we're supposed to get today.

I'm so brilliant that I have with me two digital cameras and zero data cables. I'll be taking the same photograph of the street from my office building once an hour on the hour today so you all can see the progress. At lunch I'll go home and get a data cable. So after lunch you can expect a flurry (pun intended) of photos, after which point I'll post them hourly as I take them.

Good times.

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I picked a poor direction for these photos - the road and parking lot there is wide open and the wind pounds through there uninhibited, not allowing any snow to accumulate. We have quite a bit more than it looks like.

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half an hour later and you can't even tell dude was out there shoveling anything. ha.
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So, I had an appointment with my financial counselor. He's only a mile from my office. I left right after the 1:00 photo. Well, like I said, those shots do NOT do the blizzard outside justice, like at all. Visibility was like 50 yards and the wind was insane and whatnot. Whatever, I'm good. Make it to the appointment no problem. I go to leave, start the car, it immediately dies and thenceforth will not even turn over. At all.

Many phone calls later I discover that I'm approximately half a mile from the house where my dad left his 4x4 Tahoe when he went to Denver. My auto insurance policy includes roadside assistance. My mechanic is closed indefinitely for remodeling. So tomorrow I'll have the car towed to... somewhere. Don't know where.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I bring you pictures of snow, which are very likely the exact same thing lots of other people are posting, and are probably quite boring.

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oh, and also

As my friend ladyofthenut put it: "When did Wichita become coolish?"

Upcoming concerts this spring include CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and BLUE MAN GROUP!!!

CdS in March and BMG in April.

So, I am totally there, and I need dates. Hook me up with your hot friend.