March 6th, 2007

moods - I'm all STABBY

this all happened TODAY. BEFORE ONE P.M.

I'm in a really shitty mood and I could really use something to pick me up.

My sister started having awful pain in the middle of the night. Long story short, she just got out of surgery having her gallbladder removed. Went well, she'll be fine, etc etc.

Kai has hernia surgery tomorrow morning. Minor deal, outpatient, home by noonish, etc etc.

My mom backed into my brother's truck this morning.

Then while my dad was at the hospital in El Dorado, she was driving his truck and it broke down. I went to rescue her. Fortunately it's just the serpentine belt (it SHREDDED) and I'll fix it tonight.

And, today, one day in advance of the surgery, the hospital called me and said "Your medical insurance deductible reset at the beginning of the year and we're estimating your out of pocket expense for Kai's procedure will be $2500. Can you pay that tomorrow?"

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