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This morning it was very foggy. I took pictures.

Our dragon is fucking cool. I have all these great design ideas running around in my head for the habitat we're going to build for her. First off, she can grow to be up to three feet long or longer, so it will be probably six feet wide. It will be a foot or 18 inches deep and will sit on some kind of stand, or a cabinet of some kind. We can keep the crickets in there. We practically have to have pet crickets too since the crickets have to have a certain diet in order to be healthy food for the dragon.

The lid of the habitat will be mostly a screen and will open for easy access to the habitat. The fixtures for the UVb and heat lamps will be built into the lid for easy access when the bulbs need changing. The heat lamp will have a dimmer so that we can precisely control the temperature in there. There will be one of those digital indoor/outdoor thermometers that have two sensors on the ends of wires so we can put one on the warm end of the habitat and the other on the cooler end and monitor the temperature exactly. The thermometer's display will be built into the front or top of the habitat somewhere.

All the wiring for everything will run through the back of the habitat, behind the area where the dragon lives, with easy access to it via a hinged door that you can only get at if you move the habitat away from the wall. It will be nothing more than a power strip screwed into place and everything plugged into it, out of sight.

I'm thinking maybe a humidity measuring device as well. The front three sides will be glass and the back side will either be painted a color or have some tropical looking print. One side of the habitat (the cooler side) will be land and the warmer side will be water, so you can look through the front window and see under the water level if you want to. The heat lamp being over the water area will help evaporate and maintain humidity. There will have to be some kind of water filtration system built into it since the water won't be in a removable container and it needs to be cleaned or changed every day. The wet side will have a waterfall and the dry side will have a fogger and the whole thing will probably have a mister, maybe on a timer.

The dimmer switch for the heat lamp and the other on/off switches for the UVb lights, waterfall, water filtration system and mister will be built into the top or side of the habitat along with the temperature and humidity readouts.

It will also have all the branches or limbs and plastic leaves and stuff for her to climb around on and feel comfortable and have some shade if she wants it. Maybe the mister, in addition to being on a timer like the mister at the produce department, can have a button for manual operation as well.

This is going to be cool.

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