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All we are saying... is give war a chance

The U.S. and Britain today have aborted efforts to advance the U.N. resolution calling for Iraq to disarm, and it's FRANCE'S FUCKING FAULT. Bastards. Fucking Jacques Chirac and his beret-wearing chumps are obstinately blocking any vote that would allow the U.N. to go to war against Iraq. Makes you wonder what France has invested in peace over there.

Anyhow, tonight Bush will go on T.V. again and tell Saddam to either leave Iraq or face war, so it looks like there will be war because you KNOW Saddam's stubborn ass isn't going anywhere. That jives with what I've heard around here. At my work, we manufacture things that the military uses, and our orders have been at record levels in the last week or so. Everyone is predicting action very soon.

Everyone is closing their embassies in Baghdad and moving their ambassadors out of the country. U.N. officials are leaving the country as well. The United States has ordered all government dependents and nonessential staff out of Kuwait, Syria, Israel and the West Bank and Gaza in case of possible retaliation by Iraq. U.N. weapons inspectors flew five of their eight helicopters to Syria on Sunday and then on to Cyprus today after an insurance company suspended its coverage.

Here we go again. They better pop that motherfucker's head this time around. I hope pictures of Saddam with a hole in his melon get wide press circulation.
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