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I have nothing to talk about.

I'm feeling frustrated lately. I have a lot of schoolwork to do and I keep meaning to work out but things just keep getting pushed off. I think I'm going to have to do it tomorrow night after my dad leaves. It will be a busy night. Blah to that. ASS. Poo.

Um, it's still raining. I'm going to lunch. That's about it.

A: "Hi."
B: "Hello."
A: "Are you waiting for the bus?"
B: "Uh, yes I am, actually."
A: "Hm. I notice you're not wearing any... GALOSHES."
B: "Um, no I'm not, it's sunny out. No need for galoshes."
A: "I'm wearing... galoshes."
B: "Hm."
A: "Galoshes."
B: "Uh huh."
A: "Did you read the paper today?"
B: "Uh, no, I hadn't had a chance."
A: "Did you read the thing about the... ESKIMOS?"
B: "No."
A: "Well the article was saying that the Eskimos will eat the fat from the whale."
B: "Oh yeah."
A: "Do you know what that's called?"
B: "Um, no, I don't."
A: "BLUBBER. BLUBBER. That's what it's called. The ESKIMOS eat the BLUBBER."
B: "Yeah, blubber."
A: "And the blubber will come from different kinds of whales, you know. Sometimes it will come from... a BELUGA whale! BELUGA! Heh, heh."
B: "Right."
A: "They don't wear.. galoshes."
B: "Who, the- the whales?"
A: "Noooo! The ESKIMOS."
B: "Oh no, that's right, they don't."
B: "That's right, Mukluks."
B: "Yeah, Mukluks."
A: "Say it again."
B: "Mukluks."
A: "Say it louder."
A: "Mhmm. Good, eh?"
B: "Yeah, it is a good one. I didn't wanna say it, but.. I like it."
A: "Say, say GALOSHES."
B: "Galoshes."
A: "It's good, eh? Galoshes!"
B: "Galoshes!"
A: "Beluga!"
B: "Beluga!"
A: "Blubber blubber blubber!"
B: "Blubber, MUKLUK!"
C: "Uhh, excuse me."
B: "ahem..."
C: "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt whatever it is you were doing there..."
B: "Uh, no, it's okay, I..."
C: "Ok, uh, I just wanted to know if this is where the bus stops."
B: "Uh yeah, yeah, it should be here any minute, actually."
C: "Oh, I see. Well, sorry to disturb you."
B: "That's okay, we were just uh...heh..."
A: "Sir."
C: "Yes?"
C: "Yeah?"
A: "Look over there."
C: "Across the street."
A: "Yeah! Yeah, yeah."
C: "Mhmm."
A: "See that lady?"
C: "Yes."
A: "What kind of hairstyle does she have?"
C: "Uhh, that looks like a.. bouffant."
A: "Yyyyes! A BOUFFANT."
C: "Yes, a bouffant."
B: "Uh, actually, I couldn't help noticing that myself, it's sort of what you might call a... BULBOUS BOUFFANT."
C: "Yes, a bulbous bouffant."
A: "Bulbous bouffant."
C: "Bouffant."
A: "Blubber!"
B: "Galoshes!"
A: "haha, Mukluks!"
B: "Bulbous Bouffant!"
A: "Mukluk mukluk."
C: "Macadamia!"
A & B: "ooooooo!!"
C: "Macadamia."
A: "Gazebo!"
B: "Bulbous Bouffant!"
C: "Macadamia."
A: "Gazebo!"

bulbous bouffant macadamia gazebo blubber macadamia PLETHORA gazebo bulbous bouffant macadamia plethora gazebo BAMBOOZLED macadamia plathora gazebo IGLOO bulbous bouffant PLOY macadamia beluga bamboozled SPATULA macadamia igloo plethora gazebo blubber beluga SHINDIG macadamia gazebo bulbous bouffant plethora bamboozled igloo ploy HULLABALLOO plethora macadamia bamboozled beluga gazebo GABERDINE gazebo igloo ploy plethora TUBERCULOSIS igloo plethora bamboozled gazebo blubber macadamia FOIBLE ploy gazebo macadamia igloo BUS

B: "Ah, here comes the bus."
C: "Oh yeah."
A: "Good."

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