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Production Team Meeting notes

QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance) are NOT the same thing.
PCP (it's just funny that we use that abbreviation all the time)

My take on the meeting, including quotes which were fun taken out of context:

Andrea is the only person I know in the world who still uses number two pencils. She also uses the little erasers you stick on the end when the factory one wears out.
"Resource Assessment"
"You shouldn't touch anything"
"QC process; QC routing - it's whatever."
"Controlling the kickbacks"
"John is the ultimate authority on that"
"Chargeable and non-chargeable items"

Shelly just talks to make herself feel important; she never says anything of substance. She sits with her styrofoam coffee cup all smeared with plum lipstick.
"I don't know what we're doing"
"Why? I don't know"
"This is crazy, we're not doing this right"
When she said "grabbed the wrong stack", at first I thought she said "grabbed the wrong sack"
And she pronounces the word bin "be-in".

Christian, with his diminuitive, non-authoritative voice, trying to get a word in.
"I guess it's a mess"

Jennifer kept putting her foot on the "up/down" lever on my chair, threatening to suddenly and without warning plunge me to eye level with the table. I had to make dangerous looking gestures with my pen several times. Once I tried to write on her leg but she deftly swiveled out of reach.
"same color"
These are the only words she uttered throughout the entire meeting. She sat with pen poised over paper and wrote not a single word the entire time.
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