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fucking hell

Ok, real quick... first, I haven't posted a lot in the last month because work has been insanely busy. Same goes for today.

Friday I went to switch from a 6G hard drive to a 20G on my laptop, my work computer. Things didn't go as planned so I spent the entire day working on that, even after I got home that night. It still isn't working properly. I've got one more option before I have to wipe the hd and re-install every damn thing. Needless to say, this is poor for productivity and my boss isn't ecstatic. Actually I'm hiding the fact that I still have problems from him and if I have to wipe and re-install it will probably happen at home Tuesday night. Good times.

Got some pictures developed, including those from Kansas City. Six rolls were developed and there are probably ten or so shots worth posting. Oh well.

Umm, I'm skipping class tonight and going biking with Miah downtown. Pictures also. Should be cool.

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