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In Kansas City, they have a war memorial, it's called the Liberty Memorial Museum of World War I. It has a tower that's 217 feet tall; looks like this:

We paid our two dollars apiece to ride the elevator to the top. Under the cut are pictures of what we saw from up there. Just a couple shots of things that are far away.

Here's what we could see of Worlds of Fun.

Look at that skyline. Keep in mind, Kansas City is hilly compared to Wichita. Wichita is the flattest place I've ever been, save for Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado which are not more flat - only the same. You can only have so much flatness before the world sucks itself into a vortex.

I think it's very cool that these last two were taken from the same place. That's how neat my telephoto lens is.
That big building in the foreground is Union Station.

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