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Last night we rode to OC. As I expected, it was a hell of a workout and I'm out of shape. But I pushed as hard as I could and will continue to do that every week. My legs and butt aren't sore per se, but they're achy like if I had the flu or something. They might be sore tomorrow or something.

After that I went with Miah over to Jenny's. Watched a little bit of video games and Miah fed me pizza rolls (THANKS). Then I started getting really tired so I came home and crashed. Only, I had an ache in my back like I did another time a month or so ago, and I really couldn't sleep for more than 45 minutes or an hour at a time, and I couldn't get comfortable unless I layed on my left side, and that got old after a while. I even ran a hot bath at 4:30 in the morning, but that didn't help. I called in this morning and slept in till about 10 and got ready for work at my own pace for once. My back feels much better now that I've been up and around a little bit. I was going to go to the chiropractor, and I told my boss that I did go, but I didn't since it felt better after I got out of bed.

It's really nice outside but today is kind of generally crappy. It *feels* cloudy and gray.

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