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I'm finally starting to feel Christmasy. That's good, I guess.

Oh yeah, so ok, this is funny. A while back I came across an e-mail that you could send to your state representatives and senator. It was urging them to vote against some bill that would enact stricter punishments against people who use or distribute Ecstasy, and probably allow the government to continue abusing the Crackhouse laws to shut down raves and stuff. So I sent it to my congresspeople and forgot about it. Yesterday, I get a letter from Todd Tiahrt's office telling me how wrong I am and how the government is not overreacting and how Ecstasy is as bad as coke and heroin. Not only that, but there was an article included that appeared to have been printed off the internet, written by some girl who claimed that Ecstasy had fucked up her life. Not that someone close to her had od'd and died, not that people were getting shot or robbed or committing crimes to support their habit. Just that this chick did so much that she lost her self-discipline, her ambition, and eventually had to get on medications and get therapy and shit. Anyway, I found this whole thing very humorous. It's now clear to me that my Senator Todd Tiahrt CARES about me. How warm and fuzzy.

In other news, Miah and I went to Boeing Hills and rode our bikes last Sunday. For some reason my lower back got INCREDIBLY sore that evening. It was so bad that I sent Tandra out to get me a heating pad. Actually, she offered, but I never would have let her go by herself if I hadn't been feeling so rotten. It sucked. I'm better now though.

She's learning to deal with the "I need space" thing too, which is hella cool.

Yeah, I said "hella cool".

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