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I don't think I did a single thing this weekend besides play Midnight Club 2 and do homework. I finally beat MC2 last night at about 2:30 AM. This means I've unlocked all the cars and I can now play competitively online, rather than being stomped by some guy with a car with rocket engines out the back. Now *I* get to drive that car, so that's fun. And I haven't even touched the race editor. Next order of business will be to design a race that only I know the secrets to. Not really, that's not fun. I am looking forward to it though.

Of course I did have to enter a cheat code to reduce the difficulty level of the game in order to beat it. It just got really tough and there was one race that I just could not win. And my priority was not to beat the game legitimately - it was to unlock all the cars so I could play online. Looking forward to that.

Last night I dreamt I met Eddie Izzard and had him sign my copy of Dress to Kill. What a disappointment to wake up from that one.

I have a bunch of little tiny ants who have decided to take up residence in my house. No matter how many of them I squish, there are always more. The little bastards need to be paying rent up in this bitch.

I am very happy that school is almost over for the semester. I haven't had a summer break from school since 1993 so that will be a nice thing to have. Of course, it's because I haven't gone to school consecutively from one spring semester to the next fall semester, but still.

My boss is stepping down to a position roughly equivalent to mine because he spends too much time here for his own personal satisfaction. They are hiring someone else from outside to take his place. Is it out of line for me to want to be able to interview the candidates, and for the rest of us who he will be supervising to be able to interview him or her? Just a thought.

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