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We're MOVED and my internet is UP AND RUNNING. I have so much more cable stuff (channels, cable modem, digital) that the owners of the house decided to just cancel their cable and let me transfer my old service to this house and let the bill come in my name. Cool. And, when I got home from work today, there were no less than FOUR Cox Communications vans surrounding the house. You'd think I'd been pirating cable or something. Actually, it just took that many of them to get all my stuff up and running, what with the house being one hundred and something years old and all. Wiring issues. Too many splitters. Had to get a home amplifier.

BUT IT ALL WORKS NOW! :) I love my toys.

So the people who own the house, John and Brooke, are really cool. Great people to rent from. Constantly working on the house (as I said, it's old, but it's elegant and HUGE), very cool people. Also, they have kids the same age and sex as Tandra's kids. Bonus.

There's ENOUGH SPACE here! For both of our stuff! I have an office! And my own bathroom! And there's enough storage space in the kitchen! I love it.

I love living with Tandra too, so far. It is as good as I hoped and thought it would be.

This house is monstrous. As John said, it just goes on and on and on. He said that during the '40's, he estimates it was divided into as many as 15 apartments. (Sharing kitchens and bathrooms and such, I guess.) After that, it was owned by a bunch of Mennonites who used the attic as a worship area. The old light fixtures are still up there, along with really cool beams and rafters and stuff. It's all cleared out and is just a huge playroom now, which the kids dig. Evidently this is still a very Mennonite neighborhood (it's the Fairview/Park Place historic district, how about that?), and about once a week or so someone will walk by while John or Brooke are outside and say "hey, I used to live in that house!" How strange. Now it's only got two "families" (I hesitate to refer to us as a family just yet) living in it, and is only owned by one.

The basement is cold. I suppose it will be nice and cool during the summer, but in the meantime we've got four rooms with space heaters in them. I'm a bit concerned to see what this does to the electric bill.


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