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why are other people's problems becoming mine?

LJ is full of mass suckage today. Fast servers my ass.

I'm about to show you all my ass. Meaning, the ugliest part of me. My life is so white trash jerry springer dramatic right now. I hate it.

I'll try to bring you up to speed.

Tandra's mother Teresa does Day Care work out of her home, in which she lives with her most recent husband, Tim. The kids love going to their grandmother's every day, and we pay her about a third what we would pay a professional day care place. It's a good arrangement.

Cody is Tandra's kids' dad. Three weeks or so ago, Cody's uncle Rick moved back into his old house and will be selling the place where he was living with Cody. This effectively forces Cody to move elsewhere. Cody moved in with his girlfriend, Sonya. Cody's Uncle Rick had to bring over all the kids' stuff that was over there, because Cody's dumb ass was just going to leave it. This includes a really cool race car bed frame belonging to Nic, and other important sentimental stuff. It wouldn't have been the first time he had abandoned important things at a place upon moving out. When Cody's Uncle Rick brought that stuff over on Sunday, he told us stories about how Cody and his friends would eat Uncle Rick's groceries without asking and how Cody was generally discourteous and uncaring, which sounds like typical Cody. He also told us that Cody is being sued over breaking his lease at the apartment where he was living before he moved in with his Uncle Rick.

TWO weeks ago, we found out the following in relation to Cody, the kids' dad:
  • Got fired from his job

  • Been smoking in the house around the kids (they get sick)

  • Kids come home from his place dirty and smelling like piss

  • We found out he hasn't been to court for his cocaine bust which was about a year ago

  • His driver's license has been suspended for three unpaid tickets (and he had been driving the kids around)

  • He's still doing drugs (pot and probably coke, don't know if it's around the kids or not) (this hasn't been proven but is an educated guess from a woman who lived with him while he did those same drugs years ago and can tell)
We also found out that the house Cody and his girlfriend Sonya are living in is barely big enough for two people, let alone the two of them plus two kids. And in this house had been staying Sonya, Cody, the two kids, SONYA'S two kids, and whichever of the random strangers who hang out there happened to crash there that particular night. And this is just the stuff we know about. So we have this freeloading loser who is about a cunt hair away from being in jail, and he had been "taking care" of the kids. The kids have been coming home from his place all stressed out and upset and whatnot. Obviously this wasn't an option, so a couple weeks ago when we found all this out, Tandra told him that until he got his shit together, he wouldn't be able to have the kids at his house. It was a really hard day for her because it's not like she wants to take his kids away, but I know it was the right thing to do.

This means we have the kids all the time. So, less free time for us, less free time for me, no break from the kids, etc. It's been stressful, but as I said, I know it was the right thing to do.

Two DAYS ago Tandra's mom Teresa and her husband Tim got into a big-ass argument and he basically told her to leave. (No idea yet how permanent this is.) She did, and suddenly the day care is in MY living room. Which now smells like baby shit, incidentally. She is doing a ton of housework though and keeping things reasonably quiet. I don't have any better ideas, I have no problem with her and everything, it's just a really inconvenient situation.

For Memorial Day Weekend, we worked out a situation whereby the kids would stay with Cody's parents (who we are at this point OK with) for a while, and then on Monday they would go hang out with their dad, and he would bring them to us first thing Tuesay morning (today).

Now last night at 4:30 in the goddamn morning Cody calls Tandra, in tears, telling her that he needs her to pick up the kids from his and Sonya's place in the morning. Tandra didn't ask any questions, she just said ok and hung up and went back to sleep. This morning Sonya called Tandra and it appears she has kicked Cody's loser ass out (can't say I blame her). So - he lost his apartment and moved in with his uncle Rick. He then gets fired and shortly thereafter his uncle Rick basically kicks him out, and he moves in with his girlfriend Sonya. Now she's dumping him and kicking him out. His parents are moving to Kansas City JUST to get away from him. They say that them being so close is too convenient for him, and he needs to do shit on his own. They're right. So that means he has no one left. No one but Tandra.

So she goes and picks up the kids and has to run people all over the place this morning and is late for work. She calls me and tells me that Cody, who is getting a terrible migraine and has nowhere to go, is sleeping in Nic's room. IN MY FUCKING HOUSE. I told her to get him the fuck out. She's at work now, and she's going to take him to the place where he was living with his Uncle as soon as she's off work. I don't want him even getting the least little idea in his head that he can sponge off me. I should make him mow the lawn for taking a nap at my house.

Right, but you know, that can't be enough. Tandra calls me at lunch. She called his uncle Rick, and Rick told her that the COPS were at his house LOOKING for Cody this morning. So yeah, in my house sleeps a jackass loser who is wanted by the cops enough that they are going out looking for him.

That's my Tuesday so far. Nice, yes?
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