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Remember those lightning shots I took? Remember how some of them came out in a panoramic format because Walgreens is a shitty place to get your film developed?

Well, I finally dropped them off at a decent photo lab today to get them processed correctly. I should have them back Thursday. Also dropped off five other rolls.

My macro coupling rings came today. I'm excited to try those out.

This weekend I did a bunch of yard and house work. Cut down a bunch of trees that were growing between my privacy fence and the chain link fence that's on the other side of it. Had to take apart the privacy fence to do that. Put it back together, now I have some firewood. Also took down a crappy double two-prong outlet in the basement and replaced it with a combination single three prong outlet and light switch, which I hard wired to the fluorescent fixture down there. That's the same room I rearranged, the storage room. I'd like to use one half of it as a photo studio. Not portrait photography, I don't have the backdrops or lights for that. Maybe for macro shots though, or still lifes, or maybe low light shots. I have some cool ideas. Someday I'd like to turn half of that room into a darkroom, but I hear that having your own darkroom for color shots is more trouble and money than it's worth.

Just some thoughts that have been in my head lately.

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