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The Bad
Ah, my car is such a huge piece of shit. It needs an oil change, bad, which is my fault, but I haven't had the money and the presence of mind to do it at the same time yet. It needs a brake job really badly, it grinds and grates every time I stop. I'm back to downshifting to slow myself down and take it easier on the brakes. And then Saturday, my fucking passenger side window decided it would like to hide down in the door and never come up again. I can hear the motor running, but the window has slipped off of whatever it is that makes it go up and down. So I'm stuck with a wide fucking open window until I take the time to rip my door apart. Fucking great, since it's going to be 90 degrees here with the usual ridiculous 60 or 70% humidity. Also when I turn left sometimes, it likes to slip out of gear. I swear if that transmission falls apart again I'm just going to push that car over a cliff. I'm really getting sick of that piece of shit.

The Good
Tandra and I made a last minute decision to go camping Saturday night. We went to Winfield lake. Before we took off though, I bought a roll of professional Tungsten Balanced slide film (Kodak Ektachrome 160T). It's tungsten balanced to counter the yellowy effect from incandescent lights, which means it casts a bluish tone to everything. It's got a pretty slow emulsion speed (160 ISO) which means that it will have a very fine grain and be good for enlargements. It's slide film which means it should have fantastic color saturation. Well, Saturday night was the full moon, or pretty close to it. I took about 16 shots. I got pictures of the moon rising over the lake, the moon silhouetted behind various trees, and the ones I'm really excited about - I hopped a barbed wire fence to get into a field that was about shin-deep in prairie grass and weeds to get close to this really interesting tree. It was tall and gnarly and all out by itself, and had no branches or leaves except at the very top. I took one shot where I painted it with the flashlight, one shot where I hit it with the flash covered by my new red plastic flash filter, and a couple shots of it with no light at all. It should turn out really amazing. I'm hoping that the pictures come out looking something like Troy Paiva's Lost America. That would be utterly amazing.

While I was out in this field, I was holding my flashlight on the ground in front of me, convinced I was going to step on a diamondback and get bitten and die. So I was a bit jumpy. Then I heard a sound like a train whistle, only that wasn't quite right. It was too short in duration and kept coming from the same direction, again and again. Finally I figured out that it was probably a bull. Yay, another thing for me to be worried about in that field. I imagine I was in a cow pasture. I also heard lots of dogs barking from that same direction, so I'm guessing there was a farm over the hill. So I was worried about snakes, spiders, bulls, and dogs. Then I hear a sound like a person walking through the grass, but when I look, no one is there. Finally I see some movement and I hit it with my flashlight - it's a possum. Now these things are generally cute, waddling around minding their own business. But they can be pretty vicious, and this one was coming straight towards me until I hit it with the light. It froze, I dropped my camera bag (the camera was on the tripod next to me and the shutter was open) and got out my Stryker (knife). We stood there facing each other for a couple minutes, and I was ready to cut this thing's throat out if I had to, but finally it wandered off a different direction.

The barbed wire fence that I jumped to get into the field had spider webs in it about every ten feet or so. I had hoped to catch one of them at dawn, covered in dew. That would have been a great shot, but we decided to pack up early and go home. That's okay though, because I still have about 20 exposures on the tungsten film to shoot, and that would have given a weird blue tone to everything. Now I have to research what tungsten balanced film is actually supposed to be used for so I can shoot up the rest of the roll, rather than wait another 25 days for another brightly moonlit night.

snickersaddict: I can get you that print for either $30 or $40 (not counting shipping), depending on which kind of processing you want done. The people I'm having do the print have two options. I'm not sure which one will be best - they have to tell me that when I show them the print. It's possible that due to the low light and the fact that there's not a lot of color density or saturation that the lower cost one might be just fine. Let me know what you want to do.

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