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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Yeah, I wanted to go see Dave Attell but I didn't find out about the show till it was sold out. Thanks, friends who went and didn't tell me about it beforehand. Appreciate that.

Last night was great. We did our usual venture to Old Chicago. It rained earlier that day so it was beautiful out - not too hot or humid. In fact, by the end of the night, it was *this close* to being cold. Five of our friends showed up later on without warning and it went from a regular Wednesday to a party, so that was cool. I drank too much though and gave myself a headache. Tandra came home late last night and took care of me though. She got me Tylenol and water and a cold cloth for my head and she massaged my aching head and scratched my head and arms and stuff... I fell asleep to that, and it was wonderful.

I did drive dad's Tahoe drunk though. Good thing I'm a good drunk driver...

Then we went out in Miah's Volvo. He got an 850 Wagon that's all tricked out for road racing - suspension mods, custom imported headlights, exhaust, basically everything is customized on it. It's nice. We took Matt for a ride since he hadn't ridden in it yet. Miah took a corner from a main street to a side street at about 35 (the car handled it no problem) and we went barrelling down the street. It had businesses on both sides, so being that it was midnight, the place was deserted. Miah whipped it into a parking lot and drove around to the other driveway, to pull back out onto the street. A cop came BLAZING down the street, fired up its lights, and literally came to a screeching halt in front of us, preventing us from taking off and running from the cops, which we OBVIOUSLY would have done had the cop not expertly placed his cruiser in our path *eyeroll*. The guy came almost running around his car to our car and started yelling at Miah about the speed limit in a business zone. He said something like "Do you know what the speed limit is in a business zone??" Miah said "No, I don't" and the cop said "you're required to know the speed limit in a business zone in order to get a driver's license in Kansas." Miah said "Well, I'm guessing it's 20, but I'd hate to say I knew it and then be wrong." So without bothering to tell Miah what the speed limit in a business zone was (personally I don't think he knew for sure), the cop went back to his car and ran Miah's license and tags and whatnot. At that point I said to Miah, "you know, he had absolutely no way of knowing how fast you were going, so anything he writes you for is purely subjective and you should be able to beat it in court, easily." Miah's license and tags obviously came back clean, and the cop came back to the car acting like a whole different person, like it was just a normal traffic stop, and not some felony stop or something. He then told us the speed limit in a business zone - 20, and I think he must have checked while in his car. Furthermore, it's arguable as to whether that road qualifies as a business zone. The cop wrote Miah a ticket for "Careless Driving" (which is a really lame excuse for a citation, less severe than Reckless Driving but still a moving violation). Then the cop actually thanked Miah for his time and wished us a good evening. Miah should be able to whip that ticket in court with no problem.

The cop was all small and skinny and young. It's kind of funny - now that I'm 27, I've been pulled over about a million times in my life and I've been felony arrested once, I'm not so intimidated by the cops as I used to be. When I was younger, if a cop had rolled up on me like that one rolled up on us last night, I would have been shitting myself. Last night, I was just amused. That guy COMPLETELY overreacted. It was ridiculous and we laughed about it. Then as we were driving off, Matt was looking at the ticket and said "Why did he mark Open Container?" Miah freaked for a second... that was pretty funny.

Now my head still hurts a little bit. I took Advil. It's getting better.

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